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Image by Justin Wilkens
May 27 - 31  5-day Studio, Acrylic $400


Jacintha Krish, a formally trained artist, lets her spirit soar as she paints what she sees, capturing the world about her in vivid splashes of colour.


May is the month for many flowers to burst into bloom, a good time to enjoy their beauty on canvas.

Each day you will create a painting using a reference photo as a guide.  Jacintha will show you how to “extract and create” your own composition from the reference.


The references will consist of images of Canadian floral fields and gardens, including a variety of spring and summer blooms.  Included will be fields of irises, poppies and wildflowers.  The gardens will contain lily ponds, hydrangea and tulips.


Jacintha’s style can be described as loosely styled contemporary impressionism with a bold colour palette.  She will demonstrate a variety of techniques and brushstrokes using varied tools.  You will learn how to use colours and shapes that compliment each other to create outdoor floral paintings that sing.


Prerequisite: Some experience in handling acrylic painting materials, knowledge of composition

and colour and basic drawing skills.


A vibrant and energetic instructor, Jacintha will encourage and guide you to find your own creative voice.

June 3-7  5-day Plein Air/Studio,  Acrylic $400



Andrew Sookrah is a professional fine artist and art teacher who draws on his vast and varied background in the fine and graphic arts for his teaching and creative expression.

He is a colourist whose work has a strong sense of design with powerful, confident brushwork.

His subjects are wide ranging, including figures, portraits, still life and landscapes. He paints in all mediums: oil, acrylic and watercolour.  His artistic endeavours also include print making and sculpture.

He loves to share his skills by conducting classes and workshops in various art institutions, art clubs and schools,  including the McMichael Gallery.


In this combination plein air/studio workshop, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced water media artist, Andrew will guide you through a fun process of creating colourful, impactful and expressive paintings of scenes from the South Georgian Bay area.


He will work with you to refine/expand your repertoire of brushstrokes, use of vibrant colour, depiction of realism or abstraction of the landscape according to your choice.


Basic drawing techniques, perspective, composition, colour, texture and use of materials will be explored.


With his plein air and studio demos and one on one guidance, Andrew will will support and guide you to transform your work into a satisfying landscape painting.


Students will receive a detailed description of the workshop timeline upon registration.

June 10 - 14    5 - day Plein Air, 
Watercolour  $400


Alexandra is an experienced plain air artist who regularly conducts workshops and courses in Canada and the US as well as teaching fine art in colleges and universities.


Her studio has always been en plein ain air where she seeks out hidden or forgotten places hoping to discover an object, building or other structure nestled in the landscape.  The attraction for her is often the play of light and shadow, an unusual point of view or the time of day.

The South Georgian Bay area abounds in picturesque landscapes and vistas with old houses, barns, farm implements, bridges, gardens, fountains and boats.  Any, or all, of these can become that special something in a landscape that starts a compelling visual dialogue.


The focus of this 5-day course will be on methods for working spontaneously in a loose manner with just enough detail to capture the moment, create a mood and an implied narrative that will resonate with the viewer.


Every day will start on location with a demo relative to the day’s learning. The learning will consist of composing elements in the scene, considerations for linear and atmospheric perspective, colour palette and methods for creating the illusion of texture, mass and volume without requiring great detail.

June 17 - 21  5-day Oil/Acrylic en Plein Air  $400

Canadian Contemporary Impressionist


John is an award winning and entertaining teacher who demonstrates and lectures from his own experiences.  He applies the basic techniques used by generations of artists to his unique way of seeing the landscape.  Like many artists before him, the quality of light in anything he sees becomes the focus of his thinking as he works through his painting.


Plein air painting is painting like no other method.  Dealing with real information in a real and constantly changing environment necessitates letting go of detailed rendering and just going for an impression of what you are seeing.


John builds his composition by starting with large shapes of value and then refining it with the elements of value and colour.  Movement and drama are created by the skilful use of light and shadow, lost and found edges and warm and cool colours.  


John will focus on an approach that will give you both historical and contemporary techniques used in plein air painting.  You will gain compositional skills, learn colour theory and colour mixing as applied to the light story on location.


Through demonstrations, personal attention and critiques you will come away with a better handle on the joys of plein air painting.


The demonstrations will be in oil but acrylic painters are easily accommodated.

June 24 - 28  5 - dayPlein Air, Acrylic/Oil  $400

Sam Paonessa is a professional, award winning artist who has enjoyed a creative career for over 40 years.

His interest remains with plein air landscapes and he is a founding member of Plein Air Canada.


He is inspired by great art, other artists, loved ones, the ever changing seasons of the land and endless life subjects.  Recently Sam has been sharing his creative expertise leading workshops at home and overseas.


This plein air painting course will provide students with the challenges of outdoor painting focusing on the core principles of composition, value, colour and edges.  Student should have some experience and be able to carry their materials a short distance to the site. Sam will demonstrate each day, sharing his plein air painting techniques using traditional and less tradition tools in a fun and friendly environment.


Demonstrations will be in acrylics but oil painters are easily accommodated.

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