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San Paonessa • Materials List

Not necessary to have everything listed



Students please bring:

  • Outdoor easel (optional table surface)

  • Sketch pad (Approx. 9 x 12)

  • Pencils/willow charcoal/sharpener

  • Paper towels or rags

  • Palette (Disposable or reusable surface) Recommended- Sta-Wet Masterson Palette

  • OPTIONAL *FOR ACRYLIC Painters  Plastic container with lid and small compartments

(Sample shown Approx. Size – 4.5 X 6.5 inches) .Can be purchased at Dollar store or Home Hardware


 Paint can be put into wells with a drop of medium so paint doesn’t dry out so quickly


  • Surfaces I use are: Canvas, masonite or birch panels or canvas panels (sizes8 X 10,8 X 16,  9x12, 10 X 20,  11 X 14 12x16, 12x12 (no larger than 16x20)

  • Panoramic shape such as 8 X 16 or 10 X 20 can also useful for landscape

  • Brushes- (Recommended) Filberts 3, 4, 8, 10 (Even Larger if budget allows) Flats - 6, 8 Rounds - 2, 4

  • Have some flat and round soft hair synthetic brushes also

  • Palette Knife (Shape of blade should be medium length that goes to an arrow shape)  Large, medium and small sizes. Metal recommended

  • Silicone Shapers-  Angled heads are very useful.  Strongly Suggested*Princeton Catalyst Mini No. 4

  • Hand Held Shaper No. 1 or No. 6

  • Brayer(soft rubber) 2” or 4” Speedball is a brand I use

  • Bug repellant

  • Rain gear (just in case)

Oil or Acrylic Paints (RECOMMENDED)

            Titanium White (large tube)                           Ultramarine blue

            Phthalo blue                                                   Cad. Yellow light or pale

              Yellow Ochre

            Cad. Red light                                                                                                       

            Cad Orange                                                         Cad. Red Deep or Alizarin Crimson                

            Sap Green                                                      Phthalo Green

            Raw Umber                                                     Deep Violet or Dioxazine Purple  

             Paynes Gray or Ivory Black                                Medium Magenta



Quinacridone Magenta or Permanent Rose

Sevres Blue, Manganese Blue or (Brilliant Blue in Acrylics)

Perm. Green Light

Transparent Red Oxide

*For acrylic artists- you can use acrylic gesso as white



Painting medium- Solvent free Gel Alkyd Medium (Gamblin) *RECOMMENDED

  • Odourless mineral spirits and container

  • Acrylic Gesso

  • 2-3” house painting brush

  • Apron

  • Surgical gloves - optional

  • Tins or sealable jars for used mineral spirit and medium

  • Mild Soap (Or vegetable Oil) for cleaning brushes

  • Storage box or carrier for wet paintings




  • Acrylic Painting Medium

  • Matte Medium

  • water container



  • **Please prepare several various sized panels or canvas with a tone using acrylic gesso and burnt umber acrylic to achieve a midtone. Also prepare a few surfaces using a gesso and cool grey and 2 or 3 for example- pale yellow and yellow ochre, Burnt Umber and White. For experienced artists, feel free to use a colour if you have a preference for tinting.

  • Bright chroma colours are fun to try too. Why not have a bright pink or orange or bright yellow green. Keep values lighter.

  • Acrylic is recommended for drying time convenience.

  • If oil paint is desired to tint the surfaces just make sure the surface will be dry when ready to paint.


Please note: you cannot mix Acrylic Gesso with oil paint.

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