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John David Anderson • Materials List

Colours Acrylics or Oils



Alizarin Crimson or Permanent Rose

Cadmium Red Light

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Cadmium Yellow Light

Cadmium Yellow Medium, not too orange

Transparent Red Oxide or Transparent Earth Red or Transparent Burnt Sienna or Burnt Sienna

Titanium White


Nice to have:

Quinacridone Violet

Cadmium Orange

Mixing White.  - 1/2 Zinc with 1/2 Titanium White


Not Necessary but I use some of them some of the time:

Pthalo Blue


Yellow Ochre

Cobalt Teal

Pyrole Red or Perylene Red




Synthetic Flats for Acrylics

Natural Hog bristle for Oils


Sizes from 1/4 inch with up to 1” wide


I carry #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12 - # 8 or #10 is the work horse


Water colour Rigger brush #4





For Acrylic painters, Matte Medium, not Matte Gel

For Oil Painters, Liquin Light Gel and or Gamblin Solvent Free Gel


Rags and or paper towels, lots


Water container for acrylic painters for brush washing


Odourless Mineral spirits in a sealed container for Oil Painters


Portable stand up easel - I have an umbrella with my easel just in case its too bright, nice but not necessary - 


Solid palette, palette paper pad  no less than 9x12 but 12 x 16 is much better


Portable chair if you need one


Sun protection gear, hat, long sleeves, sun block cream




Sketch pad for thumbnails


Painting surfaces:


Solid surfaces are best,not stretched canvases,  paint panels, masonite or plywood panels…I use 1/4” birch plywood panels

Seal the wood surfaces and coat with 2 layers of gesso, sanded in-between


Pint of Guinness for the instructor

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