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Materials. Please provide the materials you wish to work with

Acrylic Paints (suggested) basic list:
Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue, Cerulean Blue, Pyrole (or cadmium), Red, Hansa (or cadmium) yellow, Yellow Ochre,
Hooker’s Green, Dioxazine Purple, Payne's Grey, Mars Black, Titanium White, Zinc White Optional: (addons to the basics, if desired)
Cobalt Blue, Burnt Sienna, Pyrole Orange, Quinacridone Nickle Azo Gold, Jenkins Green, Green Gold, Phthalo Turquoise,

Stretched canvas or board, 9” x 12” / 16” x 20 “ or close to those sizes, prepared with acrylic gesso Optional, Canvas sheets (available in pads for sketching and practice)
Alternate: watercolour paper (300 lb., with or without gesso)

Plein Air Easel

Variety of long handled acrylic brushes including several different sizes of flats, filberts and rounds Old paintbrushes / toothbrushes to be used for texturing

Pencils: 4B, 2H
Drawing paper
Containers for water
Acrylic painting medium
Acrylic glazing medium

Andrew Sookrah • Materials List

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