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Supply List for Keith Thirgood      Plein Air Acrylic Workshop June 2023



Keith will be teaching colour mixing using a limited pallette suitable for plein air painting.  The basic colours to achieve success are listed below.


Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium PY154 OR Hansa Yellow Medium PY73 (ALT     Yellow Medium Azo, Azo Yellow Deep, Yellow Orange Azo) (Large tube) WARM

Napthol Red Light PR9 or PR112 (ALT Pyrole Red or Cadmium Red Light) WARM

Quinacridone Magenta PR122 (no real substitute) COOL

Indanthrene Blue PB60 (ALT Ultramarine Blue, red shade) WARM

Phthalo Blue green shade PB15 [PB15.4] (ALT Phthalo Blue) COOL

Burnt Umber PBr7 OR Transparent Burnt Umber WARM

Phthalo Green yellow shade PG36 (ALT Phthalo Green) WARM

Titanium White (large tube) 


The bolded colours are the best choices but the ALTernates are acceptable.  Checking for the pigment numbers help to get the right paint.

Recommended brands are as follows:

Acrylic – Artist Grade only Liquitex Heavy Body, except Golden is the only one to carry Hansa Yellow Medium

Oils -  Artist Grade only. Gamblin, Da Vinci, Graham, Old Holland, Rembrandt, Sennelier, Winsor Newton.

Bring your own plein air pallette of colours if you are comfortable with it.

Other items:

Brushes.  Brights, 1” or ¾”, #4 and #2.  synthetic for acrylic and hogs hair for oil.

Recommended Brands: Princeton Catalyst polytip bristle, Simply Simmons, wash and bright Lines, Curry's green handled brushes.

Boards:  Canvas boards or stretched canvas. 1-4 boards per day. 11X14 and/or 12x16.

Boards work best outdoors because the light doesn't shine through them.

Large tube or pot of inexpensive acrylic in Cadmium red, orange or yellow to tone your boards.  Black acrylic, enough for one board. Works for both acrylic and oil painters.


Sketching:  Small 3x5 or 5x7 sketchbook, pencil, eraser. One soft pencil B3 to B5.

Grey scale markers. Tombow work black, one middle grey N95, one light grey N65.  Also a 0.05 technical pen, permanent.


Other: one piece of white blackboard chalk.

A pad of tear off palette paper for colour mixing.

Acrylics: water, water container, rags or blue shop towels, pallette,


Oils, odourless mineral spirits, rags, palette


A sheet of illustration board for making sketching templates (You can pre-make the templates at homeand bring them. Only make them for board sizes you use. If you are going to make them at theworkshop, bring an xacto knife, metal edge ruler and cutting mat.


Sketching Templates

Template size Ratio                          Painting surfaces this represents

3” x 3”             3 : 3                           Any square surface

3 x 4               3 : 4                           6x8, 9x12, 12x16, 18x24, 30x40, 36x48

3 x 4-3/16       3 : 4.2                        5x7

3 x 3-11/32     3 : 3.333                    18x20

3 x 3-3/4         3 : 3.75                      8x10, 16x20

3 x 3-19/32     3 : 3.6                        20x24

3 x 3-13/16     3 : 3.8181                  11x14

3 x 4-1/2         3 : 4.5                        4x6, 20x30, 24x36

Make up one template for each surface size you use. You can do this at home based on the size of the boards you are bringing.


Equipment for plein air painting

light easel


hat, sunscreen, bug spray.

umbrella (optional)

garbage bag

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