Efren Gonzalez • watercolour supply list

1-1/2" flat brush, 1" flat brush, #8 mop brush, #12 watercolor brush, #10 watercolor brush,

#3 rigger brush.

 • 11" x 15" arches watercolor paper. Cold pressed. 140 lbs. (20 pieces)

 • Watercolor palette • #2 pencil • Eraser.

 • Masking tape, water containers, kitchen paper towels, plein air watercolor easel.
 • About paper it is recommended buying full sheets and cutting them into quarters. We will
   have ready made mats for display and review of finished artwork at this size.

This list of supplies is recommended according to what Efren uses but you are welcome to add what you think necessary.


Colors Cadmium yellow lemon, Quinacridone gold, Yellow ochre, Raw sienna, Burnt umber,

French ultramarine, Phtalo blue, Payne' s grey, Cadmium red, Rosse madder quinacridone.

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