Peter John Reid •  acrylic supply  list



Pthalo Blue or Pthalo Green shade

Ultramarine blue 

Cadmium /Pyrrole or Napthol Red Light

Quinacridone Magenta

Cad/ Bismuth or Arilide( Hansa) yellow lite  & yellow deep

Titanium White

Burnt Sienna

Yellow ochre/ Yellow oxide


Painting surfaces

Your choice of canvas, canvas boards, Masonite panels, birch panels or watercolour paper: 8 X10 to 16 X20



Glass, no-stick plastic or disposable wet pallets are great for keeping your paint & mixes wet



Couple of sizes of Filberts or flats

                One or two 1” to 1 ½ “ flats

               Liners/riggers( a long haired round)

Small spray bottle

Reference materials: your own photos, iPads or tablets