Art Cunanan • watercolour supply list

Paper Arches or Winsor Newton rough or cold pressed, 140 lb. ½ sheets, enough for the week.

Paints Da Vinci or Winsor Newton or Holbein • Ultramarine blue • Cobalt blue
  • Cerulean blue • Cad yellow light • Yellow ochre • Cad red light,
  • Alizarin crimson • Burnt sienna • Lavender (Holbein) • Turquoise • Neutral tint
     or Payne’s grey.
 • White Titanium (guache) or your favorite pallet of colours.

Brushes I use squirrel MOP brushes, #8 and #6 • Any round watercolour brushes (no bristle). • Rigger #7 OR – your favorite set of brushes.

Other supplies Tissues • paper towels • pencils HB, 3B and 4B • sketchbook.

NOTE see your confirmation note for other plein-air necessities.

Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting, Box 295, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z5 • Tel: (705) 445-3241