John David Anderson • oil and acrylic supply  list


Colours (essential) OILS or ACRYLICS

 • Alizarine Crimson • Cadmium Red Light • Lemon Yellow • Cadmium Yellow
    Medium…in some brands its just Cadmium Yellow, in other its called
    Cadmium Yellow pale. The important distinction is that the colour is not
    too orange, not lemon but right in the middle.

 • Cobalt Blue • Ultramarine Blue • Titanium White • Transparent Red Oxide or
   Transparent Earth Red or Transparent Burnt Sienna (companies use different
Transparency is the main goal….not opaque.

Colours (not essential but I use them a lot)

 • Cadmium Orange • Quinacridone Violet • Mixing White

Colours (interesting but not necessary)

 • Perylene Red • Permanent Rose or Quinacridone rose • Pyrole Red
 • Turquoise • Cobalt Teal.

Brushes For oils use natural bristle brushes. For acrylics, use synthetic bristle brushes, long handled, firm brushes. In both cases, bigger is better and Flats over Brights….1", 3/4" 1/2 ", 3/8" or #12, 10, 8, 6, 4.

 • 1 palette knife (2" diamond shaped blade, bent handle).

Painting Mediums I use Winsor and Newton Liquin Light Gel and Gamblin Solvent-free Gel
  • Solvent can for oils: Artist grade odourless mineral spirits or Gamsol.

 • Rags, lot and lots

 • Large Palette, 12x16 palette pad from Canson is great or wooden palette

 • Stand-up portable easel.

 • Canvas panels or wood panels: 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 12x16, 16x20.
 • Richeson Panels from Curry's are also fabulous
. The more experience you
    have outdoors, the larger you can handle but smaller is better, much
. (Allow for 2, (TWO) paintings per day minimum! )

 • Sun hat, sun screen • chair if you need it • pizza boxes large enough for wet oil
    paintings • s
mall, grey plastic adjustable viewefinder from Curry's.

Important Note: all surfaces should be prepared in this manner even if you bought pre gessoed surfaces…

  • 1) Seal with a coat of Golden Acrylic, GAC100'

  • 2) gesso one thin, not watered down, layer of premium artist grade gesso. You'll not regret the additional steps. It makes a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.