Gordon Harrisonoils supply list 

Paints (Gordon uses Winton oil colours) SOFT Mixing white • Permanent rose • Cadmium red HUE • Sap green • Viridian green HUECAD YELLOW PALE HUE • Cadmium orange HUE •  Ultramarine blue • Pthalo blue, Diazoxide purple • Burnt sienna.

 • Canvas panels in various sizes, not too big, 2 for each day: 9x12, 12x12, 
   11x14…or your favorite sizes.

• Some medium (whatever you use)  Liquin for
 • Non-toxic, odourless solvent  in a sealable container   for cleaning brushes.
 • Rags and a small garbage bag.• Palette...whatever you use • Palette knife.
 • Selection of bristle brushes (Gordon uses brights).
 • Small sketch pad and pencil (Gordon sketches his composition right on the panel.
    with India Ink and a small
sketching brush)…you will need India ink, brush and
    some water for cleaning the brush.
 • For plein air painting you will need an Easel • Stool or chair • Sun hat
 • Sunscreen • Bug spray • Apron and a  camera if you like to take pictures.
We will be in the studio for inclement weather so it is a good idea to bring  some of your own references.

NOTE:  Recommending the HUE makes the paints cheaper and less toxic.

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