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Arlene Saunders – supply list - 2023


If you have experience painting en plain air bring whatever you are used to.


Artist quality paints and brushes are recommended.

Paper, Arlene uses140 Lb Arches cold press, rough.  2 full sheets will be enough.  Or a block of ¼ sheet size paper.  Bring what you have and/or are comfortable with.



water and container

spray bottle

paper towel

sketchbook, pencils, eraser

chair or stool

easel/light table

umbrella (optional)

hat, sunscreen, bug spray


Make sure you have at least a warm and cool of the 3 primaries and burnt sienna.


Arlene's Pallette

Antwerp Blue (or Phthalo Blue)

French Ultramarine


Winsor Yellow


Sap Green

Permanent Rose

Winsor Red

Alizarin Crimson

Brunt Sienna

Brown Madder

Burnt Umber

White Gouache too!


If you are new to plein air painting make sure you are comfortable packing, carrying and standing or sitting with your set up.

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