Mike Svob • acrylic supply list
The following list is recommended but not mandatory.  Please remember you need to be able to carry your supplies to the sites where we will be painting.

 • 1–2 gessoed canvases/boards per day : 9x12 to 16x20,
    possibly gessoed on both sides.

 • Acrylic brushes, both soft and stiff.

 • 1” watercolour brush for glazing; #4 and #6 up to #10 and #12 in both
    watercolour and acrylic type

    Paints (artist quality) Titanium White (large tube)  • Lemon yellow
    • Cadmium red • Quinacridone magenta red • Phthalo blue
    • Carbon or lamp black. Plus options of: Pthalo green
    • Dioxazine purple • Quinacridone gold or orange
    • Cobalt blue and Ultramarine blue.
    Other supplies
    Acrylic medium gels • Modeling paste (if you use it) • Paper towels
  • Water container • Reusable container to clean brushes • Painting knives
  • Small water-spray bottle • Small containers with lids to hold medium if you
    use it • Palette (tear away or stay wet)
 • Reference material if rain forces indoor painting • Soft pencils,
    pencil sharpener • white paper • sketching paper • eraser • tape
   Art journal, sun hat, folding stool, umbrella, camera, backpack, apron, supply box.
   Easel French Easel is my first choice, or any strong light weight easel that can
   fold and be carried.


If you have questions please email me at mikesvob@gmail.com

Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting, Box 295, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z5

bluemtnpainting@hotmail.com • Tel: (705) 445-3241