Gordon Harrison • oil supply  list

Gordon's Paint Colours 

Gordon uses Winton Oil colours by Winsor & Newton

When mixing colours, try to mix at least three variations of each colour.

  • Soft Mixing White


  • Perm. Rose (slightly transparent)

  • Cadmium red

  • Bright Red (can darken with Magenta or can make fire engine red with orange)


  • Sap green (very transparent, add white for soft greens)

  • Viridian (Blue green, good for evergreens. Add yellow + white for bright greens. Add a bit of red to tone down limey greens)

  • Olive green (good for darks)

  • Permanent Green #48


  • Cadmium yellow deep hue

  • Cadmium yellow deep #46, #8, 

  • Cad yellow orange #4

  • This year he had a Pale Yellow (don’t know the number)

  • Indian Yellow ( a transparent sunkist colour good to add to greens)


  • French Ultramarine

  • Phathlo Blue (turquoise, strong and opaque)

  • Cobalt (lighter version of ultramarine)


  • Dioxine purple (add white for purples, add ultramarine for pretty blue violets)


  • Burnt Sienna (add yellows and white)

  • Indian ink

  • Pencils HB

  • Palette knife

  • Plein-air palette box

  • Portable easel with a folding chair

  • Canvas boards

  • Rags

  • Brushes

  • Camera or iPhone